Biofuels representatives will convene in Omaha


Lignofuels Americas 2020

March 11-12, 2020  |  Omaha, Nebraska  |  Register here


Director of Engineering Jim Ramm, P.E., will be attending and giving a presentation at Lignofuels Americas 2020 March 11-12 in Omaha, Nebraska. Jim’s presentation will focus on regulatory practices in the United States, including the Renewable Fuel Standard and California Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and how they apply to renewable natural gas and corn kernel fiber projects.

Jim Ramm, P.E.

Jim has more than 30 years of experience as a civil and environmental engineer including work in the areas of management, project management, design, environmental investigation, audit, remediation, water supply, construction, solid waste and renewable fuel production processes. You can reach Jim at to schedule a private meeting during this conference or afterward.

According to Active Communications International (ACI): “Following the success of the European edition of Lignofuels conference which is now in its 10th year running and going from strength to strength, ACI is thrilled to announce that the American edition of Lignofuels will be taking place in Omaha, NE. Over the two days, Lignofuels Americas 2020 will give you an in-depth look into case studies giving practical examples of planning, finance and technology strategies utilized for latest 2nd generation biofuels and advanced materials projects and facilitate excellent networking opportunities.

“Lignofuels Americas 2020 will bring together senior representatives from across the entire value chain including feedstock producers, technology providers, lignofuel producers and the research community amongst others for two days of informative presentations, interactive discussions and excellent networking opportunities. Transportation fuels from lignocellulosic feedstocks have made huge steps forward in terms of technological development and we are also now seeing drives to optimize the product value through the integration of chemical production and holistic approach to feedstock processing.”