Eco Insights Episode 2, Part 1: Equity, finance, and lending for bioenergy projects

We invited two of our strategic partners to talk about biofuels investments and how the market is doing at this point in 2020. Aaron Ratner, Operating Partner from Cross River Infrastructure, and Max Vernier, Vice President of Bioenergy at Live Oak Bank, join us for our Episode 2 of Eco Insights.

The conversation was so insightful, we broke it up into several bite-size pieces.

  • Part 1: How the bioenergy industry is faring so far in 2020
  • Part 2: Ethanol and carbon intensity, USDA programs, and innovative projects
  • Part 3: Project implementation, supply and demand, and risk determination
  • Part 4: A bioenergy community outlook for the rest of 2020

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