Meet our EcoPeople: Karyn Jones

“Meet our EcoPeople” will periodically introduce one of the staff members who make up the EcoEngineers family. We’d like you to get to know us!  Read more about Senior Regulatory Consultant Karyn Jones below.


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Karyn Jones

Karyn Jones

Title: Senior Regulatory Consultant and Regulatory Engagement Team Lead

How long have you been working at EcoEngineers? Since 2012

What service area do you work? Although I am the Regulatory Engagement Team Lead, I also dabble in EcoUniversity, Asset Development ConsultingCompliance Management, and Audit Services.

Where are you from?I currently live in Des Moines, Iowa – but have roots in Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis, Minnesota areas

What degrees or certifications do you have? B.S. in Environmental Science with a soil and water conservation emphasis from the University of MN – Twin Cities. I am also a CARB-certified LCFS Lead Verifier

Why do you do what you do?I really enjoy working collaboratively with my clients and colleagues to push the renewable energy industry forward. It is just amazing to be a part of the innovation and entrepreneurship in the Clean Energy Economy! We have a big impact on reducing climate change.

What does a Clean Energy Economy mean to you? It means implementing practical, economical, and diverse solutions to the climate change crisis, worldwide. We can re-imagine today’s problems into tomorrow’s solutions and create new jobs based on measuring and valuing the impact of carbon on our society.

What is the biggest problem you solve? How would you describe it and your approach to fixing it?I help clients realize how to turn their clean energy business proposition into a reality. The first step is to fully understand the clients’ goals and objectives.  Then, we outline a strategy and roadmap on how they can participate in clean fuels programs. Often, the biggest risks to a project are in understanding the detailed compliance requirements. I guide projects from concept through commissioning, navigating around those roadblocks along the way.

How would you describe your biggest win?My first role at EcoEngineers was Audit Program Manager. I developed our USEPA approved QAP protocols and built the foundations of the audit program. It has been really rewarding to see that program grow to where it is today.

What do you do you for fun outside of work and why do you enjoy it? I play music (trumpet, ukulele, piano, vocals) with the CJC Big Band and with friends. Creating music with others builds connection.


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