Decarbonization: Public Policy, Greenwashing, & Carbon Accounting

City, state, and federal governments are working side-by-side with big and small businesses to set goals for greenhouse gas reduction. But how can these entities successfully work together? What exactly does a “carbon goal” mean? And how could it be most effectively achieved?

The experts at EcoEngineers answered these questions and more in our webinar on May 18, 2021. They’ll discussed how science, public policy, and private carbon reduction goals can (and should) come together to help create a Clean Energy Economy.

Some of the topics of conversation:

  • How does public policy impact progress toward decarbonization?
  • What entities are currently focused on decarbonization policy and how important is engagement with policymakers?
  • What is the practical effect of decarbonization policies on companies or other stakeholder in the renewable energy space?
  • How and when can a stakeholder claim its CO2 emissions are “net zero?”
  • What is the fundamental ingredient for a region or country to achieve a public policy goal for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050?
  • How important is a centralized carbon accounting system? Should it be national? International?

If you have questions about any of the topics raised in this presentation, feel free to reach out to Shashi at, Sarah at, or Roxby at


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