How to improve RNG economics with CHP utilization

2G Energy Inc. manufactures combined heat and power (CHP) systems and is a new member of the American Biogas Council, an organization in which not only does EcoEngineers support, but Senior Engineer Brad Pleima is also a board member. 2G Energy hosted a free educational webinar on Wednesday, June 2.

The webinar dove into how entities can reduce carbon intensity (CI) scores from production to usage of renewable natural gas (RNG). Brad, also our in-house RNG expert, was happy to lend a hand in the presentation. 

Brad presented on a panel with Jon Going (Western Regional Sales Manager at 2G Energy Inc.), Ethan Werner (Managing Partner, Renewable Organics Management Group of Companies), and Jeff VanVoorhis (Vice President at Symbiont Engineering and Construction). The panel of industry experts discussed the California LCFS program’s CI score breakdowns, CP solutions, for CI score reductions, how CHP generation can help farm-based RNG projects, and EPC development of RNG projects. 


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