Iowa Anaerobic Digester Resource Guide now available!


Guide gives Iowans a glimpse into emerging RNG industry and its opportunities


The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) and Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) have spent several years talking about and exploring biogas potential in the State of Iowa. Both groups remain committed to broadening Iowa’s renewable energy base, creating new job opportunities, and diversifying farm markets by growing the renewable natural gas (RNG) industry.

Managing all the various components and complexities of an RNG project can be a challenge. Each component must be carefully planned and coordinated to deliver a successful project. That’s why IEDA partnered with Des Moines renewable energy consulting and auditing firm EcoEngineers to research, write, and distribute the Iowa Anaerobic Digester Resource Guide. The guide is now available to the public on IEDA’s website.


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The goal of this resource guide is to provide the reader with an introduction to anaerobic digestion, anaerobic digesters, and the knowledge necessary to develop a successful project. Farm owners, energy service providers, state agencies and local government, community members, and other interested stakeholders will benefit from information provided in this handbook.

To assist financially, IFA’s Solid Waste Facility Revenue Bonds are designed to enable tax-exempt bonding for these types of projects. In fact, the State recently supported an upcoming multi-farm AD installation through the program. This financing option can cover design through construction, including digesters and related equipment, gathering pipelines and gas-upgrading equipment.  The initial interest rate is 1.5% annually, and IFA has additional bonding capacity as the AD industry expands. 

The combination of the state bonds and this free resource guide can be a useful starting point as you explore biogas and RNG opportunities in Iowa. IEDA, IFA, and EcoEngineers welcome your input on this topic that touches so many key issues in our state – from agriculture to energy to the environment. Feel free to reach out to each organization if you have further questions on the topics presented.

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