The Importance of Net-Zero Ethanol

In this webinar held on Nov. 11, 2021, EcoEngineers’ ethanol team of experts examined the current ethanol industry and production processes and how it must adapt to keep up with increased demand for renewable fuel with a lower carbon intensity (CI).

Climate change is causing tremendous problems worldwide that company shareholders, businesses, governments, and consumer economies are no longer willing to ignore. In a world demanding net-zero, the way forward for ethanol is to take advantage of the two great carbon sinks available: farm-level soil carbon and underground carbon dioxide storage.

We discussed key contributors to ethanol CI, methods for lowering your plant’s CI, sustainable practices on the farm level, and benefits of carbon capture and sequestration.

We discussed these topics:

  • Key contributors to ethanol CI
  • Methods for lowering your plant’s CI
  • Sustainable practices on the farm level
  • Benefits of carbon capture and sequestration

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