Meet our EcoPeople: Ann Duke

“Meet our EcoPeople” will periodically introduce one of the staff members who make up the EcoEngineers family. We’d like you to get to know us!  Read more about Compliance Auditor Ann Duke below.


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Ann Duke

Ann Duke

Title: Compliance Auditor

How long have you been working at EcoEngineers? Since November 2020

What service area do you work? I work for the Audit Team, specifically with biodiesel clients.

Where are you from? I was born Indianapolis, Indiana, but I have lived most of my life in St. Louis, Missouri.

What degrees or certifications do you have? I have a degree in accounting, and I am an accredited Verifier in the Oregon Clean Fuels Program. 

Why do you do what you do? I love working with numbers. I also love working in a clean environment initiative. I need to work in a field where I feel like I am giving back to the planet. I like knowing that what would otherwise end up in a dump somewhere is converted to a product that is useful.  I have been so blessed in my life, I want to reciprocate. 

What does a Clean Energy Economy mean to you? Focus on every aspect of energy consumption and how that affects planet earth. Paying attention to our usage and leaving the smallest possible footprint behind.

What question do your friends or family typically ask about your job? Question: What do you do again in your job? Answer: I review the production process of companies manufacturing biodiesel to validate their RINs generation. RINs are renewable identification numbers that a company creates when manufacturing or selling manufactured biodiesel. I basically affirm (or not) that they are generating renewable fuel in compliance with USEPA guidelines and requirements. I like knowing that what would otherwise end up in a dump somewhere is converted to a product that is useful.

What is the biggest problem you solve? How would you describe it and your approach to fixing it? Understanding the process a company uses and knowing when something doesn’t look right. And asking the right questions to get to an understanding.

What do you do you for fun outside of work and why do you enjoy it? I enjoy hiking, kayaking, camping, traveling, yoga, gardening, cooking/baking, reading, cycling and gathering with friends and family.  Becoming a mother, and then a grandmother, has been the most educational and emotionally rewarding experience in my life.


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