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Chelsa Anderson

Hi everyone! My name is Chelsa Anderson, and I am a Regulatory Consultant here at EcoEngineers. I recently started a new feature in our internal monthly newsletter that highlights news across the clean energy sectors.  I wanted to highlight some of the important and/or relevant Clean Energy Economy headlines from the past month with some help from our in-house experts. I’m calling the series ICYMI with Chelsa, and I hope you find it fun and enlightening!

Why did I choose these articles this month? As I am working on a client-driven electric vehicle study, I have found the need for the EV infrastructure very interesting and compelling. There is a lot of discussion happing about what is needed first, the electric vehicle or the charging infrastructure. People aren’t purchasing EVs because there is a lack of charging stations, but at the same time there is a lack of charging stations being built because there is a lack of EVs on the road.

In these articles I find it interesting on how Tesla is helping the lack of charging infrastructure and how artists are using their creativity and design for functionality.





Public Art Vehicle Charging Stations

In this article from, architecture, art and functional elements fill the urban atmosphere, usually as separate entities in the same environment. The Public Art Electric Charging Stations set out to meld all these elements together, combining design, art and innovation for the function and viewing pleasure of the community.

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Tesla Opens Superchargers to Other EV Brands in Pilot Project

It’s only a pilot program for now, but Tesla has big plans to allow electric vehicles from other automakers to use its global network of 25,000 Superchargers, according to

Tesla said it will pay attention to issues regarding congestion and pricing before it expands availability of these Superchargers to non-Tesla EVs in other locations.

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Have you seen relevant or innovative news or articles surrounding the Clean Energy Economy? If so, shoot me an email at, and I can feature it in the next update. Articles should be evergreen in nature and not specifically tied to a particular publication date.