ICYMI with Chelsa: Why is Green Hydrogen Important?

For this month’s ICYMI, I wanted to focus on green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is an emerging technology that can be used to lower carbon emissions. Producing green hydrogen costs around $3-$7 per kg, while fossil fuels can produce hydrogen for a cost around $1 per kg. As technology continues to develop and improve, the cost of producing green hydrogen will decrease.





Desert Bloom Hydrogen: Ground-breaking, commercial-scale green hydrogen project to proceed in NT outback

Australia’s Northern Territory government recently granted Major Project Status to a $10.75 billion green hydrogen project in the arid center of the country.The proposed project plans to capture water from the atmosphere, and through solar/electrolysis, produce green hydrogen utilizing Aqua Aerem technology.

The project is set to begin construction in 2022, commercial quantities of green hydrogen available in 2023, and set to reach full capacity by 2027 producing approximately 410,000 metric tons (4.1 MM kg) of hydrogen. Gerard Reiter, CEO of Aqua Aerem, has stated by the project would produce green hydrogen at less than $2 per kg by 2027.

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