ICYMI with Chelsa: Carbon-Neutral Coffee

I thought I would share something interesting and sustainable I saw while visiting Scotland last month.After touring the Urquhart Castle near the Loch Ness (no, we did not see Nessie), we grabbed coffee at the café inside the giftshop. Below is a picture, proudly displayed at the café, stating they served 100% carbon neutral coffee. I scanned the QR code from the photo and it takes you to website from ClimatePartner. The website states what projects are being used to offset the coffee and provides links to each project. Here is the link from the QR code.

At this location there were three projects:

  1. Planting bamboo in Nicaragua
  2. Turning crop waste into Biochar in Thailand
  3. Forest protection in Brazil


Chelsa Anderson headshot

Chelsa Anderson

Chelsa Anderson is a Regulatory Consultant for EcoEngineers. She has an eye for innovate sustainability projects. Have you seen relevant or innovative news or articles surrounding the Clean Energy Economy? If so, shoot her an email at canderson.@ecoengineers.us, and she can feature it in the next update. Articles should be evergreen in nature and not specifically tied to a particular publication date.