ICYMI with Chelsa: PrairieFood at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

I recently attended the FEW conference in Minneapolis, and I had the chance to learn about new topics in the agriculture/ethanol industry. 

(Source: PrairieFood)

I heard a presentation from Trisha Jackson, Director of Regenerative Agriculture at Prairie Food. She talked about soil health and feeding the entire soil food web. She emphasized the importance of not feeding the plant, but actually feeding the microbes in the soil, in which the plants need to grow.

According to their website, PrairieFood™ is a micro-carbon rich soil amendment produced from readily available biomass waste sources. Haney soil tests from our 2020 Corn Grower Trials validate we deliver massive amounts of microbe-digestible carbon to the soil, building SOM (soil organic matter), sequestering carbon and eliminating dependence on synthetic and mined fertilizers. I encourage you check them out by watching this video or exploring the website below!

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