Meet our EcoPeople: Bobby Wright

“Meet our EcoPeople” will periodically introduce one of the staff members who make up the EcoEngineers family. We’d like you to get to know us! Read more about Compliance Auditor Bobby Wright below.


Bobby Wright, CPA

Bobby Wright, CPA

Title: Compliance Auditor

What service area do you work? I work in Audit services.

Where are you from? Just outside of Houston, Texas

Why do you do what you do? I have been working in the high-growth renewable energy industry for almost 10 years now in a few different capacities. Although Texas is very heavy in oil & gas for energy, it’s been great to see the sustainable expansion and diversification of fuels and energy sources to grow our economy.

What does a Clean Energy Economy mean to you? As the world continues to transition away from fossil based energy, sustainable fuel and energy sources will continue to be brought to the market at comparable prices. For me, I care more about diversifying our energy sources as well as making our current energy choices more sustainable for the long term.

What question do your friends or family typically ask about your job? Although I’m a CPA, most people don’t understand “carbon accounting” and how many organizations are encouraging third party audits for renewable fuel production. When asked, I typically explain as an example how landfill gas to RNG is produced, and the credit market process for the renewable fuels.

What question does a client typically ask about your job before you begin? Most of our clients know the strengths of EcoEngineers, and typically will ask what fuel type is my focus. I’ve been thankful to ride the growth wave of RNG projects, as well as work on LCFS verification for a few hydrogen and renewable propane clients.

What is the biggest problem you solve? How would you describe it and your approach to fixing it? With the large volumes of clients that we have, everyone has a slightly different interpretation of the regulation, as well as internal process for reporting production. Sometimes convoluted data management systems can be higher risk due to management override, high use of estimates, or a general lack of internal controls. During the onboarding process, we ask the clients a lot of questions to understand their methodology and complete a risk assessment to make sure we are comprehensive in our audit review.

How would you describe your biggest win? I worked full time for most of my Master’s degree program, which was a struggle with a demanding job. And while I was studying for my CPA exams, I was taking care of my newborn son. Successfully graduating and passing my CPA exams have been a few of my best accomplishments.

What do you do you for fun outside of work and why do you enjoy it? I enjoy spending time with my family, watching sports, and trying new restaurants in our area. We also enjoy going to NASA or Galveston on weekends.


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