Forget Politics — Science-Based Policymaking Is Critical to Combat Climate Change


The following is an article originally published Aug. 18, 2022, on the website Route Fifty, which connects state and local government leaders with technology and innovation ideas. Read more


10 Best Questions from “RNG: What’s the Next Frontier”


We answer the best questions from our most recent webinar

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ICYMI with Chelsa: Sustainability Efforts in the NFL

Its fall season, soup season, and (most importantly) football season! Who doesn’t love football? I thought it would be interesting to see what the National Football League is doing to be more sustainable.  

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ICYMI with Chelsa: Public-Access EV Chargers

According to the Fuels Institute, 70 -80% of EV charging takes place at home. But what happens if you live in an apartment or have no access to garage or driveway? EVSE LLC has addressed this problem by designing an EV charger that is mounted on utility or light pole.   Read more

Agriculture of America Podcast Features EcoEngineers’ Mark Heckman


Ethanol Services Director Talks Carbon Intensity for Farmers, How Ethanol Markets Can Benefit

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ICYMI with Chelsa: Stasher Reusable Bags

Have you heard of the company Stasher? I figure it’s a good a time as any to explain to you why I love their products! Read more

What is an Electric Vehicle?


EVs are Growing in Popularity and Beyond Personal Transportation Options

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ICYMI with Chelsa: PrairieFood at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

I recently attended the FEW conference in Minneapolis, and I had the chance to learn about new topics in the agriculture/ethanol industry. 
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