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Accelerate: 2021 ACE Conference

août 18 - août 20

The American Coalition for Ethanol event is back this year

The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) annual event has returned. It will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from August 18-20. The theme, “Accelerate,” will recur throughout the conference, as ethanol industry leaders discuss their plans for boosting demand and positioning them and other ACE members for success in this ever-changing carbon market.  

Mark Heckman EcoEngineers

Mark Heckman

Senior Regulatory Consultant Mark Heckman is attending the conference this year on behalf of EcoEngineers. Mark is our primary consultant on farm practices, and his expertise is driven from his family partnership that farms corn, beans, and small grains, and includes manure, cover crops, and a no-till operation. He also personally runs a 30 head cow-calf herd. He is deeply entrenched in the ethanol industry. He would love to speak to you about kernel fiber, other cellulosic ethanol, or how farm practices are shaping the way we look at carbon reduction. Feel free to reach out to mark at the conference or via email at Director of Engineering Jim Ramm will also be at the conference. 

The conference agenda is stacked with great content, including insights on carbon verification, strategy, expanding ethanol use, and more.  See the full agenda here.  

From ACE: “The ACE Conference is a must-attend event for industry leadership. Relaying timely updates on public policy, market development, board of director training, and much more, this event combines the detail of high-level training courses with all the fun of a family reunion.

“This year’s agenda covers topics to ‘Accelerate’ our industry away from the disruption of last year, and toward the endless potential it holds to decarbonize our transportation sector while uplifting rural communities.”

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août 20
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