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Your Key to Electrification: Successful EV Infrastructure

juin 30 @ 1:00 - 2:00

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Profitable fleets and efficient mobility systems depend on reliable charging infrastructure

Small fleet owners and large campus operators can agree there are a myriad of challenges in supporting the ever-growing volume of electric vehicles. The type,  quantity, and location of charging infrastructure can lead to more profitable fleet operations and more efficient mobility systems. Owners and operators can achieve success from scaling the charging infrastructure to meet the needs of users and providing the right amenities and features.

This second of four quarterly presentations on the electric vehicle market will discuss the various options and features for fleet operators and infrastructure planners. EcoEngineers’ presentation will be illustrated by a variety of case studies and a Q&A session.

We’ll answer these questions and more:

    • How smart does your charger need to be?
    • Do you need fast charging?
    • How do you manage vehicle range?
    • How can you plan for resiliency and manage the power?

We hope you can join us in our second webinar diving into the EV market.


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Date :
juin 30
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1:00 - 2:00
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