We Have 20/20 Vision with Growth Energy


20/20 Vision: Growth Energy’s Executive Leadership Conference

Feb. 5-8, 2020  |  Miami, Florida  |  Register here


Jim Ramm, 専門技術者

EcoEngineers‘ Director of Engineering Jim Ramm, P.E., will be attending the Growth Energy’s Executive Leadership Conference: 20/20 Vision this year in Miami, Florida. He will also be speaking at this year’s new Tech Forum. The forum “aims to help industry executives understand technical topics that affect their company,” according to the conference’s website. Be sure to sign up for the forum during registration; there are limited spots available!

From Growth Energy: “We have a lot to keep our eyes on right now: elections, trade disputes, rulemaking – to name a few. With 20/20 Vision, Growth Energy has clarity on what is required to shape the outcomes of these critical events. We understand the confluence of commerce and policy and have a sharp eye for success that sets us above the rest. From securing year-round E15 to increasing ethanol blends across the globe, we remain focused on delivering value and impact in the near and long-term.”

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jim at jramm@ecoengineers.us to schedule a meeting at this event.