Don’t miss this deadline if you’re an LCFS fuel pathway holder

LCFS compliance audit verification


LCFS compliance alert!


An important deadline is coming up if you participate in the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), and EcoEngineers wants to make sure you don’t miss it.

  • What: Submission of the Annual Fuel Pathway Report (FPR)
  • When: March 31, 2021
  • Who: Any regulated entity with a CA-GREET 3.0 fuel pathway under the LCFS

Beginning in 2021, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requires all regulated entities with CA-GREET 3.0 fuel pathways to submit an annual Fuel Pathway Report (FPR) on the Alternative Fuels Portal (AFP). The deadline to do this is March 31, 2021.  The FPR includes the Simplified Carbon Intensity (CI) Calculator or the CA-GREET 3.0 model with the most recent two calendar years of operational data for the pathway.

The regulated entities must obtain services from a CARB-accredited Verification Body, which will certify the operational CI reported in their FPRs. Those verification statements from the Verification Bodies are due by August 31 of the same year. Unused pathways may be able to defer verification. CARB will review the verification statement and verified operational CI and compare it to the CI originally certified during pathway validation.

  • If the verified operational CI is found to be lower than the certified CI, a positive verification statement is issued for this period. The fuel pathway holder may elect to keep the original certified CI, or request to replace the certified CI with the verified operational CI.
  • If the verified operational CI is found to be greater than the certified CI, the fuel pathway holder is out of compliance and subject to investigation by CARB. The pathway holder may have to return some of the credits generated.

Each fuel pathway holder must ensure that a Verification Body submits to CARB a positive or qualified positive verification statement covering the annual AFP in order to maintain a valid fuel pathway code for use in reporting fuel transactions. It is the responsibility of the fuel pathway holder to ensure this deadline is met. Failure to submit the FPR could result in suspension of the pathway and inability to generate credits moving forward.

For reference, CARB published the spreadsheet of the current fuel pathways. It is searchable and sortable by feedstock, fuel, classification, and/or facility name of your choice

Check the spreadsheet

EcoEngineers (H3-20-008) is a Verification Body accredited by the Executive Officer in 2020, and we currently have 18 accredited LCFS Lead Verifiers to help with every qualifying fuel type. Contact us if you need more information regarding any of these upcoming LCFS deadlines.