Meet our EcoPeople: Mark Heckman

“Meet our EcoPeople” will periodically introduce one of the staff members who make up the EcoEngineers family. We’d like you to get to know us!  Read more about Senior Regulatory Consultant and farm practices expert Mark Heckman below.


Mark Heckman EcoEngineers

Mark Heckman

Mark Heckman

Title: Consultor/a regulatório sênior

How long have you been working at EcoEngineers? Since November 2020

What service area do you work? I work in many of our service areas: Engajamento regulatório, Análise do ciclo de vida de carbono, Consultoria em desenvolvimento de ativo, e serviços de Gestão de conformidade.

Where are you from? West Liberty, Iowa

What degrees or certifications do you have? I have a degree in agricultural business from Iowa State University. 

Why do you do what you do? I believe that we can make a difference and feel that agriculture and renewables are the most cost-effective and simplest way to environment improvement. 

What does a Clean Energy Economy mean to you? Using best practices to produce the most energy from low climate impact resources. Clean energy is about me taking the lead to reduce consumption, reuse when possible, and produce new energy by natural or renewable sources. The carbon cycle is pretty clear, and it is up to us to keep the carbon and GHG’s contained when we can.

What question do your friends or family typically ask about your job? Question: What is EcoEngineers and what do you do? Answer: EcoEngineers is a clean energy auditing and consulting company that helps others solve regulatory and environmental problems. People have needs to create a cleaner environment or participate in certain programs. My job is to help discover the needs and assist them to reach their goals.

What question does a client typically ask about your job before you begin? What are sustainable farm practices? Farm practices can be all parts of the feedstock as they relate to renewable fuels and energy production. Essentially the production of feedstock prior to the producer receiving plays a part in the feedstock carbon intensity. My role is to assist the producer and farmer and add value by helping them reduce their CI.

What is the biggest problem you solve? How would you describe it and your approach to fixing it? I think in life conquering the biggest problems or mastering the greatest adventures are always best approached by assembling a team with different perspectives into a common level of understanding and helping all to take the first step in the same direction. Everyone has a talent — and it is up to all involved to recognize the talents and share the load. 

How would you describe your biggest win? I am most proud of the family my wife and I have raised and watching them grow. I have done many big things but I think the greatest rewards are to see better decisions made by others because of an influence I had with them!

What do you do you for fun outside of work and why do you enjoy it? I love to be outdoors and building something or helping kids with projects.


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