Andes Releases World’s First Microbial Carbon Mineralization Methodology

Andes Releases World’s First Microbial Carbon Mineralization Methodology

Andes, a carbon removal company focused on the generation of inorganic carbon in agricultural soils, has released the first-ever Microbial Carbon Mineralization (MCM) methodology, developed with EcoEngineers. This methodology is a critical milestone in setting a high standard for the promising new frontier of microbial mineralization.


The MCM methodology provides procedures to quantify the greenhouse gas (GHG) removals resulting from soil inorganic carbon (SIC) increases attributable to the usage of a microbial inoculant on agricultural fields. It provides guidance to quantify, report, and verify carbon dioxide removals (CDR) generated through these practices. The SIC gains from the specific microbial activity are measured and attributed to the credits through the specified monitoring protocol. Before the start of the project, the ability of the microbial inoculant to fix CO₂ from the atmosphere needs to be demonstrated in lab and field studies. Credits are determined by measuring the difference in SIC generation between fields treated with microbial inoculant and untreated fields (i.e., baseline scenario). This methodology, written in alignment with ISO 14064-2:2019, provides rules for eligibility, means of quantification, monitoring instructions, reporting requirements, and verification param­eters.

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Click here to read the announcement in the Carbon Herald.

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