EcoEngineers offers a robust Quality Assurance Program, is a USEPA-approved auditor, and Q-RIN verifier to the international biofuel community.  Our QAP is the single most important work we perform.

Compliance Management

EcoEngineers’ team of experts is dedicated to helping our clients protect their investments, make smart decisions, and optimize their performance through empowering programs.

Renewable Energy Consulting

EcoEngineers’ consulting team is comprised of engineers, regulatory and compliance specialists, financial and life-cycle analyst – all of whom hold deep expertise in clean energy initiatives.

We’re helping build a Clean Energy Economy…worldwide.

Producers of ethanol, biodiesel, renewable natural gas (RNG) and other cellulosic fuels count on EcoEngineers for in-depth expertise in auditing, renewable energy consulting and compliance management to help them optimize production and protect their investment. For municipalities, industry and agriculture, we support RNG production projects and provide carbon management planning and nutrient reduction. In fact, we serve our clients in myriad ways. Our roster of services includes creating and managing detailed RFS, LCFS, and CFP programs and energy credit transactions. Wherever we’re called to serve…

EcoEngineers is committed to Clean Energy, Clean Water, and Clean Air.

Daily RIN, LCFS, & CFP Price Update

D-CodeAverage Price: 2019Average Price: 2020Closing Value: 2019Closing Value: 2020
Credit $/MT
Oregon CFP Credit $/MT$122.00122.00

Banyan Commodity Group is an industry leader in the renewable fuels space with an extensive history in the RINs market. Our insight will provide you with real time market conditions, liquidity, and transparency which will ultimately help you execute in an accurate and timely manner. If you would like to learn more about RINS or other products we transact, please visit us at or call us at 239-494-8270.

This data is intended for informational purposes only. Last updated 8/7/2020.