D3Max Separate Kernel Fiber Processing

Ace Ethanol | Stanley, Wisconsin

Ethanol producers must differentiate themselves in order to move forward in this low-carbon world and achieve higher premiums for their product. Ace Ethanol sought to do that by developing technology to produce high-value D3 kernel fiber ethanol. The company invested in the installation of D3MAX technology under a separate processing D3 kernel fiber pathway.

Successfully upgrading an ethanol plant requires deep knowledge of current technology, clean fuels regulations, and fuel and carbon markets. Ace chose EcoEngineers because of our expertise in those areas. We were involved in verifying and registering their pathway in the RFS and LCFS programs. The project gives diversity to the products at the 60 MGPY ethanol plant and paves the way for the ethanol industry to install additional kernel fiber facilities.

Key performance

Training and education

Life Cycle Analysis of kernel fiber ethanol for California marketplace

RFS Pathway Verification and Registration

RFS Quality Assurance Program (QAP) on D3 Kernel Fiber Gallons

Regulatory Engagement for best practices for starch separation and RIN Generation

Key results

Verification of RFS pathway

Timely RFS registration

Approved RFS Q-RIN protocol

Onboarding LCFS pathway registrations

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