EcoEngineers Expands Presence in Canada with Senior Regulatory Strategist

Lisa Hanke is the second political strategist to join EcoEngineers in 2022

EcoEngineers is proud to announce that senior political strategist, Lisa Hanke, has joined our team as Regulatory Engagement Director. Ms. Hanke has over two decades of experience in advising companies, government and environmental groups on sustainability issues and international clean fuel policies.

Lisa Hanke

She leads EcoEngineers’ regulatory engagement practice that provides analytics and advocacy around low-carbon fuel policies, carbon pricing, and greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation in all national and sub-national environmental markets in North America and Europe. Ms. Hanke is the second senior political strategist to join EcoEngineers in 2022, the first being John Larrea, who leads California-focused engagements from Sacramento.

“We are thrilled to have Lisa on board,” says EcoEngineers CEO Shashi Menon. “One of the most pressing issues facing businesses today is understanding the impact of climate policies on business operations. Lisa understands clean fuel policy better than anyone else and she has a broad global view. She sits at the intersection of Canada’s new Clean Fuel Regulations, and the U.S. and European markets.”

Prior to joining EcoEngineers, Ms. Hanke was Director of Government & Stakeholder Relations at the Canadian Fuels Association and Director of Government Affairs for clean fuel companies Enerkem and Iogen. Ms. Hanke holds a Public Relations Diploma and a Leadership and Management Certificate and from Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario. Ms. Hanke has advocated for biofuels and renewable energy under the low-carbon fuel standards in Canada, British Columbia, the United States, the European Union, California, and other emerging markets. She will be based in Ottawa, Canada, and can be reached at

Help us in welcoming Ms. Hanke to the team and join her at the Scaling Up 2022 conference in Ottawa, Ontario. She has been tapped to moderate a panel titled “Clean & Low Carbon Fuel Standards.”

EcoEngineers helps organizations create sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow. Our talented team of engineers, scientists, auditors, consultants, researchers, and analysts live and work at the intersection of low-carbon fuel policy, innovative technologies, and the carbon marketplace. Our people are trusted guides who help navigate the ever-changing energy landscape, providing the right tools, guidance, and knowledge to reduce your carbon footprint, and to assess the potential risk to your business from the uncertainties caused by a changing climate and low-carbon policies. Through our systematic approach, we deliver value and proven expertise through the entire clean energy continuum, including education, regulatory engagement, life-cycle analysis, asset development, compliance management, audit, and verification.

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