Creating New Opportunities for Ethanol Producers

With unprecedented new policy sparking incentive for clean energy, ethanol producers are seeking new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. EcoEngineers can help. We’re committed to assisting the biofuels industry reach their carbon management goals to maintain a competitive advantage for years to come.

We know what’s important to producers of low-carbon biofuels, and understand that each ethanol producer is unique. We offer a customized approach for each client, helping to categorize and create a flexible project plan that producers understand and feel confident about from concept through completion.

Eco’s team of ethanol experts helps navigate regulations, carbon financial impacts, carbon-reduction technologies, options for carbon utilization, and more. We can assist in small-to-large-scale project carbon management, bringing technical and operational experience across on asset development, project scoping, and advising clients through their respective low-carbon projects.

Our Services Include:

• Carbon Market Training, Education & Workshops
• Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) & Assessment
• Project Due Diligence & Scoping
• Asset Development Consulting
• Carbon Market Compliance
• EPA RIN Management Services
• Carbon Market Program Auditing
• Among Many Others

One of the keys to successful carbon reduction initiatives is to understand the carbon markets. Eco provides ethanol producers with in-depth knowledge on alternative fuel technologies and regulations, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), California Low-Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), Oregon Clean Fuels program (CFP) Renewable Fuel Standard Pathways (RFS), along with expertise in emerging voluntary carbon markets.

Through EcoUniversity, our portfolio of training and education modules empower you to make informed decisions and maintain control over your carbon reduction goals. Our comprehensive training workshops, market outlooks, intensive Carbon Literacy training program, and condensed board and management training modules help you effectively evaluate the impacts of climate-related risks on your business.

Ethanol from Fermentation

Since 2021, many ethanol plants in the Midwest have announced that they will utilize carbon capture
and storage to become bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) projects. BECCS is a key technology required to control emissions from fuel production and use. Currently, only around two metric tons of biogenic carbon dioxide are captured globally per year, relative to the 250-metric-ton removal required per year by 2030 for the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario. Ethanol plants in the Midwest have a tremendous opportunity to prove to the world that BECCS can be done. EcoEngineers is helping make this happen.

Our team of geologists, market analysts, and engineers has deep knowledge of the ethanol industry and experience managing capital-intensive projects. From helping with the technical aspects of subsurface gas storage to managing compliance and stacking carbon market credits with tax credits to achieve optimum economics, our work is critical to our ethanol clients as they take advantage of this opportunity.

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