Decoding Carbon Removal Methodologies

Decoding Carbon Removal Methodologies

In the ever-dynamic carbon markets the half-life of innovation is brief. Both the ability to raise capital for initial deployment and to generate credits to sustain operations depend on the legitimacy of the climate-related claims being made by a company. With hundreds of new entrants into the voluntary carbon markets this year in response to climate change and a new generation of buyers, we need to find every efficiency in moving projects forward at a rapid clip.

This webinar intends to provide an overview of the process and terminology involved with credit generation for project developers who find themselves without an easy, well-trodden path to follow. One of these terms is CDR, or Carbon Dioxide Removal. We present the stages in developing a high-integrity monitoring, reporting, and verification plan in the modern marketplace.

If you have questions about any of the topics raised in this presentation, feel free to reach out to our experts, listed below:

  • Roxby Hartley, Ph.D., Climate Risk Director,
  • David LaGreca, Voluntary Carbon Markets Services Director,
  • Michael Welch, Carbon Consultant Team Lead, VCM,


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