EcoEngineers RIN Management System

When EcoEngineers was formed in 2009, one of the first services we offered was a system to track Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs), called the RIN Management System (RMS). We recognized that producers of renewable fuels would need a way to track their RIN and fuel transactions easily, and we developed the RMS to meet that need.

Tailored for small to mid-sized companies who don’t have capacity to manage RIN transactions, RMS is a secure, cloud-based subscription service that helps producers and marketers track all buy, sell, and trade activity for RIN credits and fuel transactions. It interfaces with the US Environmental Protection Agency Moderated Transaction System (EMTS) and keeps all transactions related to RIN credits in one place. Because it’s cloud-based, you can log in and complete your work from anywhere, securely.

There are several benefits to having a RIN Management service, including:

Organized, User-Friendly System: The dashboard view provides an overview of transactions that may need your attention, allowing users to quickly confirm buys and check any pending sales. Relevant updates and notices are posted on the dashboard, and users can easily move through the platform using the navigation toolbar.

Multiple Transactions: RMS helps producers save time and provides plenty of flexibility. It allows you to complete multiple transactions with a single entry, and there are several options available.

Pending Sell Data: The Pending Sell page shows any “sell” transactions that have not been accepted by the buyer, and the number of days until the sell expires in EMTS. RMS automatically resubmits the sell until it is accepted by the buyer or becomes too old.

Compliant: USEPA requires certain information for each RIN transactions, including fuel pathway, volume, quantity and QAP type. They also require a Product Transfer Document (PTD) with each transaction. Our RMS ensures your transactions are all USEPA-compliant. PTDs are stored and easily retrieved in the system.

Reporting: Solid reporting provides a system of record for compliance purposes. Our reporting shows your RIN inventory at a glance. Transaction reports can be quickly downloaded as needed. Quarterly reports can be used to aid in quarterly and annual fuel pathway reporting.

Secure Data Warehouse: RMS is Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)-compliant – which is a requirement for publicly-traded companies – and is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available.

Help Desk/Regulatory Expertise: Our RMS team provides onboarding and training, and with their background in RFS, they can provide regulatory guidance to ensure you’re correctly submitting your RIN and fuel transactions.

Whether you’re a new fuel producer, or you’ve been in the market for years, consider using EcoEngineers’ RMS to manage your RIN program. It’s perfect for small to mid-sized companies who don’t have capacity to manage RIN transactions.

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