EcoEngineers: Your Trusted Guide Through the Energy Transition

EcoEngineers is a consulting, audit, and advisory firm with an exclusive focus on the energy transition. From innovation to impact, we help you navigate the disruption caused by carbon emissions and climate change.

We help you stay informed, measure emissions, make investment decisions, maintain compliance, and manage data through the lens of carbon accounting. Our team consists of engineers, scientists, auditors, consultants, and researchers with deep expertise on global fuels policy, energy and carbon markets, and alternative solutions to meet energy demands. 

Eco was established in 2009 to steer low-carbon fuel producers through the complexities of emerging energy regulations in the United States. Today, our global team is shaping the response to climate change by advising businesses across the energy transition.

Together, we can create a world where clean energy fuels a healthy planet.

For a full view of our services, access the document attached.

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