Equatic and Eco Launch Carbon Dioxide Removal Methodology

Equatic and Eco Launch Carbon Dioxide Removal Methodology

Equatic, in partnership with EcoEngineers and the ISO – International Organization for Standardization (ISO), unveiled ISO 14064-2:2019, a new methodology for monitoring, reporting, and verifying (MRV) of electrolytic ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (CDR).

This methodology offers a thorough, transparent framework for quantifying, monitoring, reporting, and verifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals at the project level in ways that meet ISO’s rigorous and world-renowned reporting standards. Requirements for project planning as well as identifying and selecting project-specific GHG sources, sinks, and reservoirs (SSRs) are included in the standard. Furthermore, it offers guidance on project performance and data quality management, including recommendations on baseline scenario outlines, monitoring, quantifying, documenting, and reporting. Some of the most rigorous and unique aspects include:

  • Closed-system crediting, including measuring the changes in the carbonate system in both the incoming and outgoing seawater using off-the-shelf sensors for solid and liquid samples;
  • Carbon emissions of any inputs and the transportation of all inputs and outputs;
  • System leakage considerations, including electricity and carbon dioxide (CO2) sourcing and leakage, as well as physical forms of potential CO2 leakage;
  • Guidelines for additionality including regulatory and financial additionality.

“This high-integrity methodology provides a clear framework to standardize MRV across the industry,” said Roxby Hartley, Ph.D., climate risk director for Eco. “It provides a clear road map that aligns with the highest industry standards, ensuring that the carbon removal process is meticulously monitored and recorded.”

Read the announcement on Equatic’s website here: https://www.equatic.tech/articles/iso-14064-2-2019-mrv-methodology

Download the methodology here: 

Equatic invites public comment until June 10, 2024, via MRV@equatic.tech.


About Equatic

Equatic is a carbon removal company leading the industry in combined carbon dioxide removal and carbon-negative hydrogen generation. Using a patented seawater electrolysis process, Equatic amplifies the ocean’s inherent ability to absorb and store massive amounts of carbon. The technology was created and developed at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering’s Institute for Carbon Management. Following the successful operation of two pilot facilities in Los Angeles and Singapore, Equatic is now constructing the world’s largest ocean-based CDR facility and works with industry pioneers, national agencies, and government leadership to scale climate solutions at unprecedented rates. The company sells high-quality carbon removal credits and is the only ocean-based carbon removal company that measures removal inside the boundary of its plants, leading to unprecedented certainty.

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