ICYMI with Chelsa: Wrapping Gifts Sustainably

On average, each person will purchase nine gifts this holiday season, according to Deloitte’s 2022 Holiday Retail Survey.  

(The Fabric Wrapping Co.)

  As we are finding the most flashy and glittery paper, bows, and ribbon to wrap all these presents, did you ever stop to consider if that wrapping paper was recyclable? According to the recycling community, plain wrapping paper is recyclable but any paper with glitter, velvet and or metallic elements is not.

5 Unique and Sustainable Wrapping Options

Plantable wrapping paper!

Utilize wrapping paper that can wrap a present, then be planted in the ground, and grow into beautiful flowers. There are multiple companies out there that sell such a product. A gift that keeps on giving!

Fabric wrapping material

A material that can be washed and reused repeatedly. There are many companies the offer beautiful colors and gorgeous designs.


In the past, many presents were wrapped in newspaper, and it could be the new retro trend comeback!

Sheets and pillowcases

Give a gift that wraps another gift!

Baskets and storage containers

These are great options to put your gifts in that will serve another purpose as well. Happy wrapping, everyone!  

Chelsea Oren

Chelsa Oren is an Account Manager, RNG for EcoEngineers. She has an eye for innovative sustainability projects. Have you seen relevant or innovative news or articles surrounding the Clean Energy Economy? If so, shoot her an email at coren@ecoengineers.us, and she can feature it in the next update. Articles should be evergreen and not specifically tied to a particular publication date.  

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