Brilliant Planet: New Methodology for CO2 Removal from Ocean Microalgal Blooms

Brilliant Planet: New Methodology for CO2 Removal from Ocean Microalgal Blooms

EcoEngineers has developed a rigorous crediting methodology to quantify and verify carbon dioxide removals (CDR) for Brilliant Planet, a leader in high-integrity, permanent carbon removal. The methodology provides a robust framework for developing greenhouse gas (GHG) removal projects using Brilliant Planet’s specialized system, which cultivates and sequesters carbon from marine microalgal blooms.



The essence of this methodology lies in transforming marine microalgae into a vehicle to remove atmospheric carbon dioxide. Microalgae are tiny, unicellular plants that live in fresh water or marine ecosystems. Microalgae are capable of photosynthesis and convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into biomass.

This methodology, drafted in alignment with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14064-2:2019, provides rules for eligibility, means of quantification, monitoring instructions, reporting requirements, and verification parameters.

This globally applicable methodology aims to provide criteria and procedures for the quantification of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions following the adoption of a nature-based biological carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) method using marine microalgal blooms. Credits generated for carbon sequestration will represent one metric ton of CO2 removed from the atmosphere through controlled algal blooms and sequestered in dry tomb landfills for long-duration storage.

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