Decarbonization: Public Policy, Greenwashing, & Carbon Accounting

City, state, and federal governments are working side-by-side with big and small businesses to set goals for greenhouse gas reduction. But how can these entities successfully work together? What exactly does a “carbon goal” mean? And how could it be most effectively achieved?

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Eco Insights Episode 1, Part 2: How is Covid-19 impacting the biofuels markets?

The conversation from our first Eco Insights episode on how Covid-19 is impacting biofuels markets was longer than expected. We thought the topics discussed were too insightful not to share, so, enjoy Eco Insights Episode 1, Part 2! Read more

Eco Insights: How is Covid-19 impacting the biofuels markets?

Introducing … Eco Insights! We’re inviting you to have a front-row seat to some of the daily conversations our experts have with each other.  Read more

Brazil’s RenovaBio takes off


Brazilian program for the reduction of GHG emissions officially started December 24 and proposes new market where biofuels are central. 


By Gabriel Miranda, EcoEngineers

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