H2 + LCA: Demystifying Life-Cycle Analysis for Hydrogen Webinar

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) signed into law August 2022 contains potentially more than $100 billion of tax incentives over its lifetime. Project developers have the opportunity to seize on and set in motion a rapid-growth pathway for the clean hydrogen economy. This 10-year tax credit is extremely valuable and represents a substantial share of the economic proposition for clean hydrogen production. Specifically, the IRA’s 45V tax credit requires emissions from hydrogen production to meet a low-carbon threshold on a well-to-gate life-cycle basis. To determine eligibility, project developers need a carbon intensity (CI) score.

In this webinar, EcoEngineers will speak about carbon Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA), including factors that affect CI, project eligibility and compliance, and delve into strategies for project developers to navigate regulatory uncertainty effectively and share practical guidance on technology selection.


Tanya Peacock
Tanya Peacock
Ghasideh Pourhashem, Ph.D.
Guillermo Aguirre