Canada’s Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR) 101

Canada announced its updated low-carbon fuel standard, the Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR), in July 2022 as an update to the legislation previously known as the Clean Fuel Standard. EcoEngineers experts gave a 10,000-foot view of the regulations in a webinar on Nov. 3, 2022.

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RNG: What’s the Next Frontier?

Renewable natural gas (RNG) projects have proven to be the darling of low-carbon fuel regulations worldwide. With the rise of alternative fuels and voluntary markets, some in the industry are looking to pivot to stay profitable. EcoEngineers experts discussed these topics and more in our webinar on Sept. 29, 2022.

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10 Best Questions from “RNG: What’s the Next Frontier”


We answer the best questions from our most recent webinar

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Are You Ready for eRINs … and Other Electric Opportunities

EcoEngineers experts dove into opportunities for renewable electricity, electric vehicle and hydrogen fuel cell transportation under the U.S. regulations in our webinar on May 19, 2022. 

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A Closer Look at the Carbon Credit Markets

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Crystal Ball 2022: Ethanol

EcoEngineers is bringing back its popular “Crystal Ball” webinar series. In the final installment in the series, which took place on March 3, 2022, we focused on ethanol markets, including advancements in sustainable farm practices, and carbon capture and sequestration developments.

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Crystal Ball 2022: Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel

EcoEngineers brought back its popular “Crystal Ball” webinar series to close out 2021 and look forward to the year 2022’s renewable energy news and developments. The second webinar in the series in the series took place on January 12, 2022, and focused on biodiesel and renewable diesel markets. 

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Crystal Ball 2022: RNG, EV, & Hydrogen

EcoEngineers brought back its popular “Crystal Ball” webinar series to close out this interesting year of renewable energy news and developments. The first in the series took place on December 9 and focused jointly on the RNG, electric vehicle, and hydrogen markets.

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Your Key to Electrification: Successful EV Infrastructure

The second of EcoEngineers’ quarterly presentations on the electric vehicle market discussed the various options and features for fleet owners and operators and infrastructure planners with respect to charging infrastructure. The presentation was illustrated by a variety of case studies and a Q&A session.

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How to improve RNG economics with CHP utilization

2G Energy Inc. manufactures combined heat and power (CHP) systems and is a new member of the American Biogas Council, an organization in which not only does EcoEngineers support, but Senior Engineer Brad Pleima is also a board member. 2G Energy hosted a free educational webinar on Wednesday, June 2. Read more