How to Capitalize on the EV Transition

The third installment of EcoEngineers’ quarterly webinars on electric vehicles took place on Oct. 18, 2021. We brought together influencers from different segments of the market to share their expertise. 

The transition to electric vehicles is on everyone’s mind these days. It’s relevant whether you are a commercial fleet operator, fuel producer, real estate owner, municipality or commercial enterprise. However, the successful transition to e-Mobility requires an assessment of your resources and careful planning.

EcoEngineers invited leaders from different segments of the EV industry to discuss the tangible reasons and realities for transitioning to electric mobility including the economic advantages and non-financial benefits. We featured an EV website developer, a charging infrastructure manufacturer, an EV infrastructure campus operator, and a representative from the American Biogas Council to touch on the emerging e-RIN market.

We tackled these questions:

  • How can fleets prepare to transition?
  • How to compare electric vs gasoline vehicle total costs?
  • What can organizations do to support the e-Mobility?
  • What value does EV charging bring to your organization?
  • What are e-RINs, and how can you capitalize on them?
  • When are e-RINs expected to be available?

If you have questions about any of the topics raised in this presentation, feel free to reach out to Dan Ciarcia at


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