Meet our EcoPeople: Daniel Ciarcia

“Meet our EcoPeople” will periodically introduce one of the staff members who make up the EcoEngineers family. We’d like you to get to know us!  Read more about EV Services Director Daniel Ciarcia below.


Daniel Ciarcia

Daniel Ciarcia

Title: EV Services Director

How long have you been working at EcoEngineers? I started January 2021

What service area do you work? I consult in the Electric Vehicle (EV), Hydrogen and renewable electricity project areas. In addition, I host a number of EcoUniversity workshops, and support the life-cycle assessment and Asset Development projects, as well. 

Where are you from?I currently reside in Hartford, Connecticut, home of Katherine Hepburn, Frisbees, and world renown Apizza restaurants.

What degrees or certifications do you have? B.S. in electrical engineering and MBA, along with certifications in LEED, Parksmart, and EcoDistricts-AP 

Why do you do what you do? I have an immense respect for the natural world and a passion for innovation and technology. So, I seek science-based, commercially viable solutions to today’s environmental challenges in both transportation and the built environment. 

What does a Clean Energy Economy mean to you? An energy economy that operates on zero-emission, non-extractive, non-invasive and renewable energy sources, preserving ecosystems and the health of the planet. It is a tall order but a challenge that can be solved.

What question does a client typically ask about your job before you begin? “If I drive an EV, will I run out of charge in the middle of the highway?”  I understand that there is a lot of anxiety about moving to a new and unfamiliar technology. Electric vehicles are a complete shift from the transportation that we know and are comfortable. I take great pride in helping clients understand the advantages, and limitations, of electrification (and other alternative fuels) and helping them plan a transition towards cleaner, more efficient and fun mobility solutions.

What is the biggest problem you solve? How would you describe it and your approach to fixing it? Since a lot of my work is focused on electric vehicles, many clients want to know how they can buy EVs, what infrastructure they will need, and how to navigate the myriad of programs and regulations around e-mobility.  Those are questions that we are prepared to help answer and provide guidance for their transition.

How would you describe your biggest win? I once won a Kentucky Derby-like event running around a track with a stuffed giraffe between my legs.

What do you do you for fun outside of work and why do you enjoy it? Anything with a ball or racquet or flying disc usually keeps me busy, hiking with my new goofy pup, and supporting live original music and the local arts scene.


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