Carbon Literacy

Transitioning to a low-carbon economy is creating new challenges and enormous opportunities for businesses. Emerging climate regulations and carbon markets, along with subsidies and tax credits that assist decarbonization, are creating enormous opportunities for businesses. The key to success is understanding the language of carbon accounting and carbon markets.

This is where Carbon Literacy comes in. EcoEngineers has created a comprehensive Carbon Literacy training program to help you understand and adapt to evolving climate change issues and develop strategies to navigate and benefit from this disruption. 

EcoEngineers’ Carbon Literacy training is designed to bring together internal stakeholders, from the CEO, CFO and Chief Sustainability Officer to operations managers and frontline staff, to develop a shared vocabulary and speak the same language related to the energy transition.

Our program is modular and customizable and will help prepare you and your team to discuss climate change science, measure climate risk, develop adaptation and mitigation strategies, and participate in carbon markets in the context of your business. 

To learn how your organization can benefit from this training, contact EcoUniversity Director Lyndsey Nielsen at

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