Creating New Opportunities in Voluntary Carbon Markets

Transitioning to a sustainable and equitable world is one of the greatest challenges humankind has faced. It’s the balance of maintaining and raising human standard of living for all, while reducing waste, loss of biodiversity, and carbon emissions – sustainable development. This requires a complete transformation of how we produce, store, and use energy.  

Carbon markets play an important role. While some companies are required by state or federal regulations to manage their carbon footprints, there is a growing imperative among individuals, municipalities, and corporations to be carbon neutral or to monetize their carbon through voluntary carbon markets.

This exponentially growing world of voluntary carbon markets requires an understanding of carbon accounting, project finance, emission reduction forecasting, monitoring, reporting, verification, and the drivers for the ultimate retirement of credits. This expertise of multi-disciplinary teams is often not available in-house.

EcoEngineers helps companies navigate the quickly evolving carbon economy. Our goal is to propel organizations towards decarbonization by simplifying the market access process for projects that improve our climate.

Our team identifies, assesses, and develops projects in the voluntary and compliance carbon markets. We have experience across multiple industries – from innovative, international start-ups creating carbon-removal projects, to large-scale global energy companies developing projects to mitigate their carbon footprint or generate new streams of revenue.

Our services include:

  • Strategic advisory services
  • Carbon literacy training
  • Investment due diligence
  • Feasibility studies
  • GHG project development
  • GHG project registration
  • Methodology development
  • White papers
  • GHG accounting
  • Offset purchase vetting

We carefully evaluate all projects to ensure they meet industry standards and establish pathways to voluntary markets. Using a creative and unbiased approach, EcoEngineers determines a project’s viability and develops cutting-edge methodologies to ensure it benefits the environment.

Our comprehensive socio-environmental assessments help you meet the highest environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, with complete Life-cycle Analysis (LCA); verification and validation of low carbon fuel purchases; greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories; carbon offset project claims; measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) protocols; audits; and carbon registry requirements.

We are the incubator for climate action.

EcoEngineers is working with some of the industry’s leading companies on innovative project around the world to reduce emission, remove carbon and avoid carbon in a plethora of diverse areas. Sample projects include:

  • Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Sequestration (BECCS):
    • Ethanol
    • Woody biomass at pellet plant (sawmills, timber operations)
    • Forest waste biomass gasification to CCS
  • Carbon Removals:
    • Biochar
    • Enhanced rock weathering
    • Macroalgae deep sea storage
    • Microbially enhanced inorganic soil carbon sequestration
    • Enhanced rock weathering
    • Biomass storage
    • Ocean alkalinization
    • Ranchland soil carbon
    • Improved forest management
  • Carbon Avoidance:
    • Landfill gas destruction
    • Livestock waste gas
    • Vegetable canning waste gas
    • Avoided deforestation
    • Wildfire avoidance
    • At-home composting
    • High efficiency faucets
    • Waste avoidance in apparel manufacturing
    • Oil pipeline decarbonization
    • Agriforestry
    • Enteric fermentation inhibitor
    • Low carbon steel
    • Clean cookstoves
    • Keeping food in the human food chain

EcoEngineers is partnering with Patch, a climate action technology platform to ensure the integrity of new carbon removal techniques introduced into the carbon marketplace. Link here to learn more.


For more information about our voluntary market services, contact:
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