ICYMI with Chelsa: Public-Access EV Chargers

According to the Fuels Institute, 70 -80% of EV charging takes place at home. But what happens if you live in an apartment or have no access to garage or driveway? EVSE LLC has addressed this problem by designing an EV charger that is mounted on utility or light pole.   

Light pole-mounted EV chargers. (Source: evsellc.com)


EVSE LLC is headquartered in Enfield, Connecticut, and designs and manufactures electric charging stations and equipment for the United States. EVSE has developed a charger that can be attached to a light or utility pole that features a retractable cable. The charger is mounted roughly 10 feet in the air to avoid vandalism.

The user logs in by using the station number or scanning the QR code. Once signed in, the retractable charging cable will be released from the unit. The cable retracts back into the unit after charging is complete. This type of charger makes it easier for EV owners with no access to residential charging. These types of chargers have been installed in California, Massachusetts, and Washington.

These chargers provide a great solution for EV chargers and EV owners who lack the private charging capability at home. Check out the link below for more information!

Learn More about EVSE Chargers


Chelsea Oren


Chelsa Oren is an Account Manager, RNG for EcoEngineers. She has an eye for innovative sustainability projects. Have you seen relevant or innovative news or articles surrounding the Clean Energy Economy? If so, shoot her an email at coren@ecoengineers.us, and she can feature it in the next update. Articles should be evergreen and not specifically tied to a particular publication date.  

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