Must Read: 3 Ways Businesses Can Avoid Greenwashing

EcoEngineers is Quoted in this Article from Forbes

When a business spends more time marketing itself as sustainable than it does mitigating its environmental impact, it’s called greenwashing. This can cause more harm than good for the planet. Read how Rhett Power describes, “3 Ways Businesses Can Avoid Greenwashing,” in this Forbes article.

The act of corporate greenwashing isn’t new, but it’s become more prevalent because for today’s consumers, sustainability has become the expectation — not the exception. “Business leaders have learned that if they can effectively message their environmental initiatives, they’ll win consumers’ hearts and minds for life,” Power writes.

The article goes on to give business owners a few tips on how to effectively, and honestly, navigate reporting their efforts, including one important tip from EcoEngineers co-founder and CEO Shashi Menon:

“Businesses must hold themselves accountable for their carbon footprint. They need to honestly communicate what they’re doing about it and admit the limitations they face. This level of honest communication and self-accountability is lost when businesses always try to be perfect.”

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