The Energy Transition's Impact on Oil and Gas Prices

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The Energy Transition’s Impact on Oil and Gas Prices

Urszula Szalkowska, Managing Director, European Markets for EcoEngineers was recently quoted in the article, titled “Price Volatility? You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet,” about whether the energy transition will have a short-term impact on oil and gas prices going forward. 

“My reaction would be yes,” said Urszula Szalkowska, Poland-based managing director for Europe at EcoEngineers, a global consulting firm that works with companies to navigate the energy transition. “Especially in Europe, where in road and aviation, there is a steep decarbonization through biofuels.”

“My thinking is that this is going to impact demand for fossil fuels,” she told Hart Energy. “[Producers] will have to look for different markets, like chemicals, where decarbonization is expected through more efficient processes, which also adds to the price.”

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